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This section is the gateway to signal aspects, mostly taken from rulebooks I have come across, borrowed, or stolen.  The older the rulebooks get, the more interesting the reading... try to get your hands on some and check em out!  My favorite so far is the CNW rulebook from 1929.

In General
B&O 1941  Cool PDF scan of 1941 signal aspects by CG Tower (gone - darn-it)
B&O 1969 - The Baltimore and Ohio RR
Alton RR  a PDF by CG Tower (also gone - darn-it)
Amtrak Northeast Corridor  ex Pennsy signals between New York City and Washington DC
ATSF Santa Fe - 1989
Bessemer and Lake Erie RR 1957
CNW - Chicago and North Western Rwy 1929
C&O - the Chesapeake and Ohio Rwy 1958
C&O 1969
CP Canadian Pacific - 2005 
Conrail 1988
CSX Transportation 1989
CSX Transportation 2014
CUT - Cincinnati Union Terminal Company - 1937  rulebook and signals PDF from CG Tower, plus my one page reference
D&H - Delaware and Hudson RR
DLW - Delaware, Lackawana and Western - 1925
DTI - Detroit, Toledeo & Ironton  rulebook and signals PDF from CG Tower and my one page reference
FEC - Florida East Coast 2010
ICG - Illinois Central Gulf - 1974/1985  link to a PDF signal flow chart by CG Tower and my one pager
KCS - Kansas City Southern 1998
LIRR - Long Island RR 1989  scans by David P. Maloln
MILW - the Milwaukee Road  scans by John Smoots
NH - the New Haven 1925
NKP - Nickel Plate Road
NS - Norfolk Southern - Kentucky Division 2000
N&W - the Norfolk and Western Railway
NYC - New York Central RR - 1937/1951 reprint
New York City Transit System - 1944
Pere Marquette 1903 
PRR - the Pennsylvania Railroad - 1925
PRR - the Pennsylvania Railroad - 1956
PRR - Penn Station Signals
RF&P - the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac RR
RDG - the Reading RR - 1954
SBD - the Seaboard System  from a 1989 CSX Rulebook
SEPTA Subway / Heavy Rail  1963
SIRT - the Staten Island Rapid Transit
SP - Southern Pacific RR 1907
SP - Southern Pacific RR 1998
SR - Southern Rwy - Georgia Division 1981
Train Mountain (yes, the Train Mountain Live Steam RR in Oregon! :-)
UP - Union Pacific RR 1972
UP - Union Pacific RR 1988
VGN - Virginian Railway - 1943
Washington Terminal Company - 1968
WM - Western Maryland Rwy - 1913

If anyone has rulebooks they want to share with the world, from some of the western roads, like (I don't know if all of the roads listed below have rulebooks with signals in them):

Additional UP rulebooks from earlier years, and:
     The Missouri Pacific,
     The Western Pacific,
     The Cotton Belt,
     The Denver, Rio Grande & Western,

Roads from the Burlington Northern + empire, such as:
     The Northern Pacific,
     The Chicago, Burlington & Quincy,
     The Great Northern,
     The Frisco,
     The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe,  
     The Spokane, Portland & Seattle,

The railroads of middle America and the midwest:
     The Illinois Central,
     The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio,
     The Illinois Central Gulf,
     The Milwaukie Road
     The SOO
     The Rock Island,
     The Chicago & Eastern Illinois

Going back to the northeast, I could use a few from the likes of:
     The Boston & Maine,
     The Maine Central,
     The MBTA, if they have one.....
     The Vermont Central,
     The Providence & Worcester,
     The Long Island RR,
     The Springfield Terminal,
     The Lehigh Valley,
     The Erie RR,
     The Erie-Lackawanna,
     The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western,
     The Central RR of New Jersey,
     The Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines,
     The Raritan River

And last but not least, aspects from the heritage roads feeding into CSX and NS:
     The Louisville & Nashville
     The Chessie System
     An early C&O rulebook, way before the B&O days,
     The Clinchfield
     The Georgia RR
     The Atlanta & West Point
     The Monon
     The Seaboard Air Line
     The Wabash
     The ORIGINAL Norfolk Southern, pre 1974 before it disappeared into the Southern
     The Atlantic Coast Line
     The Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac

There are plenty more roads name hanging out there!.....
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If anyone can help out, it would be most appreciated!

Foreign Roads

New South Wales Railways

NORAC roads (Northeast Operating Rules Advisory Committee)

NORAC was formed in January 1985 with the first five roads and Metro North.  MN later backed out.  The Long Island, B&M, and P&W joined at the second meeting in May 1985.  The rules became effective January 1, 1987.  For more info, check out: http://trains.com/trn/default.aspx?c=a&id=230

For a very nice interactive signal display of the NORAC rules, check out this page

Conrail 1988
Amtrak (Chicago Area Only - no NEC)
New Jersey Transit
SEPTA (Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority)
Delaware & Hudson
Providence & Worcester
Long Island RR
Boston & Maine
Metro North

CROR (Canadian Railway Operating Rules)

Railroads in Canada follow these rules, and almost all legacy installations use searchlight signals.  Newer installations, and replacement are seeing color light signals because of cost and ease of maintenance.  A few semaphores are supposed to still be around.

The CROR Rules

CORA roads (Chicago Operating Rules Association):

This section covers the signal aspects of the member railroads.  Judging from the thick manual, it appears to cover mostly the signals that are different from the engineers are used to on their own tracks.  Clarification is still needed on that assumption.

1) Amtrak
3) BRC - Belt Railway of Chicago
4) BN - Nurlington Northrn
5) CC&P - Chicago, Central & Pacific
6) C&NW - Chicago & North Western
7) CSS - Chicago and South Shore
8) Conrail
9) CSX
10) EJ&E - Elgin, Joliet and Eastern
11) GTW (CN) - Grand Trunk Western
12) IC - Illinois Central
13) IHB - Indiana Harbor Belt
14) Metra
15) NS
16) Soo Line (CP)
17) UP
18) WC Wisconsin Central (no signal aspects in the CORA book)

GCOR roads (General Code of Operating Rules)(Western roads):

GCOR has something like 200 members railroads, so I don't know if I'm gonna get em all in here, if you see one not listed, let me know.  The following list I found is dated April 1994: http://www.sdrm.org/faqs/rulebook/title.html 

Obviously, the list is not up to date.  Another list is at (dated 2000): http://gsee.sdf-us.org/signals/docs/pdf/gcor/gcor_4-2000.pdf

1) ATSF - Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company
2) UP - Union Pacific RR
3) CNW - Chicago and North Western Transportation Company
4) BN - Burlington Northern Railway Company
5) SP - Southern Pacific Lines
6) CP -
CP Rail System Heavy Haul-US
7) AT&L Railroad Company
8) Amtrak Western Division Peninsula Commute Service
9) Arizona and California Railroad Company
10) Arizona Central Railroad Company
11) Arizona Eastern Railway Company
12) Border Pacific Railroad
13) California and Western Railroad, Inc.
14) California Northern Railroad Company
15) California Western Railroad
16) Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Railway Company
17) Cedar River Railroad
18) Central California Traction Company
19) Central Montana Rail, Inc.
20) Chicago Central and Pacific Railroad Company
21) Columbia and Cowlitz Railway
22) Council Bluffs Railway
23) Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern Railroad Corporation
24) Davenport, Rock Island and Northwestern Railway Company
25) Duluth Missabe and Iron Range Railway Company
26) Duluth, Winnipeg and Pacific Railway
27) Eastern Alabama Railway Company
28) Fox River Valley Railroad Company
29) Gateway Western Railway
30) Grainbelt Corporation
31) Grand Canyon Railway
32) Great Western Railway of Colorado
33) Great Western Railway of Oregon
34) Green Bay and Western Railroad Company
35) Hutchinson and Northern Railway Company
36) Indiana and Ohio Rail System
37) Indiana Hi-Rail Corporation
38) Iowa Interstate Railroad, Ltd.
39) Jaxport Terminal Railway
40) Kansas City Terminal Railway Company
41) Kyle Railroad Company
42) Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railroad Company
43) Lewis and Clark Railway Company
44) Little Rock and Western Railway, LP
45) Louisiana and Delta Railroad
McCloud River Railroad Company
47) Meridian and Bigbee Railroad
48) MG Rail, Inc.
49) Minnesota Commercial Railway Company
50) Minnesota Valley Transportation Company
51) Montana Rail Link
52) Montana Western Railway Company
53) Mount Vernon Terminal Railway, Inc.
54)  Napa Valley Railroad Company
55) North Coast Railroad
56) Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation
57) Northern Nevada Railroad Corporation
58) Otter Tail Valley Railroad Company, Inc.
59) Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad
60) Railtex Railroad Division
61) Red River Valley and Western Railroad
62) Rochester and Southern Railroad, Inc.
63) San Diego Northern Railway
64) San Diego Railroad Museum
65) San Joaquin Valley Railroad Company
66) San Pedro and South Western Railway Company
67) Sierra Railroad Company
68) South East Kansas Railroad
69) Southwestern Railroad Company, Inc.
70) Southern California Regional Rail Authority
71) St. Maries River Railroad Company
72) Texas Limited
73) Texas Gonzales and Northern Railway Company, Inc.
74) Texas Northwestern Railway Company, Inc.
75) Toledo, Peoria and Western Railway Corporation
76) Trona Railway Company
77) Tulsa-Sapulpa Union Railway Company
78) Twin Cities and Western Railroad Company
79) Utah Central Railway
80) Utah Railway Company
81) Ventura County Railway Company
82) Washington Central Railroad Company, Inc.
83) Willamette and Pacific Railroad, Inc.
84) Willamette Valley Railroad
85) Willamina and Grand Ronde Railway
86) Wisconsin and Calumet Railroad Company, Inc.
87) Wisconsin and Southern Railroad Company
88) Wisconsin Central, Ltd.
89) Wyoming Colorado Railroad Company
90) Yreka Western Railroad

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