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This section covers telephones and telegraphs that were used on the railroad, and their associated cousins, insulators, phone boxes and telephone poles.

Railroad Telephones

  A dispatchers microphone, in so-so condition

Railroad Telegraphs

        A couple of telegraph sounders 

   An overall shot of one guys offering, and detail shots below


The above shots were taken at the Gaithersburg MD train show on 11/05/2006

Telephone Huts

This "hut" iswas along the ex B&O's Old Main Line at AVALON, near the (closed) Gun Rd crossing.  In looking at the birds eye view from Bing Maps, it seems that CSX may have removed this structure.  The B&O used many of these concrete buildings all over the place at one time.  They were replaced by the small telephone box, which in turn, hasn't seen a telephone for many a year once radios became the standard.  With fiber optics being the norm now, it appears as tho the old telephone line has been removed, along with the hut and old telephone box.  The CPL's just a few hundred feet west have been replaced by "darth vader" color light signals, around the mid 2000's timeframe or so, like 2004.

Below are pictures taken by Michael Watnoski on the same trip, and a PDF drawing he made after taking measurements of the one at Gun Road.




In the aerial below, the green circle is where the telephone hut used to be, the blue arrow points at the WB signals (above) for the interlocking to a siding that starts in the yellow circle, and the yellow arrows point to two sets of flange lubricators.

              The dwg is here as a PDF


Railroad Telephone Boxes


A phone box on the old New York Central main line in Depew NY, on the east side of Buffalo.  8/2006

This one is on the south side of Richmond VA, maybe on the old Seaboard tracks.  10/2011

I found this one on the old RF&P in Richmond VA under I-195.  10/2011

Railroad Telephone Poles

A couple of shots of pole lines - courtesy of Jim Mihalek from the Minneapolis MN area.
Taken around Leipsic, OH, on the old NKP - March 3, 2005

  A pole next to the ex-NYC depot in Batavia NY   Aug2006

     A pole line on the CP in Lancaster NY, just outside Buffalo

Railroad Telephone Pole Insulators

A table full of insulators at the Gaithersburg MD train show 11/5/2006....
Most were going for only 3 or 4 bucks.... I dunno how they paid for a $75 table that way!

Up in Traverse City MI, my 91 year old aunt's boyfriend has a bunch of insulators in his garage, INCLUDING a bunch of ceramic insulators from the Canadian National RR.

A discussion on one of the Yahoo groups in February of 2017, prompted by a question about Western Maryland insulators:

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