In General


In General

Location / Name:
Towson MD, Baltimore County

What's Here:
Cape Cod Home, 1225 Robin Hood Circle

GPS Coordinates: X, -Y
Phone A/C: 410
ZIP: 21204

Access by train/transit:

The Scoop:

Here is a good case study on what to do, and what NOT to do when you are planning to sell a house, and maximize your profit.

There are tons of good resources to advise home owners what to do with a house, especially one that was built around the 1960 timeframe, and has not had ANYTHING done to it since it was built.  The house a couple of doors down at 1218 Ridervale was a good example of this, where the previous owners before the current owners did their best to destroy the house - among the things they did: both the husband and wife smoked 3 or 4 packs of cigarettes a day, and if you have ever seen pictures walls up at the ceiling, where moisture gets in and creates drip stains, well, they were ALL over the entire house, not to mention how the house smelled when you opened the front door!

So this Cape Cod house was built around 1960, and what was done to it since?  The basement stairway was replaced with a metal circular staircase, a bar was built in the basement, a bathroom was added in the basement, and a shower was added in the basement.  The bathroom and shower were installed, well, shall we say, very horribly at best.  Both of these have since been removed.

The current owners, as of 2019/2020, are cousins of the owners who had lived there since the 60's, and inherited the house when Randy died in 2015.

Inside the house, a lot has been done, but it has all been to make the current owner happy, not what is best to sell the house to maximize its resale value.  When you think about stuff like this on your own, without consulting someone who does this for a living, or just going on what contractors tell you should be done, you are (most of the time) playing with fire, and taking a big chance in the market, because what YOU think is best in a house, is very often NOT what is going to sell, but you can't tell that to the guy who currently owns the house.

I tried like a bandit to get him to just sell the house "as is" to no avail, as he seems to think that his repairs will make this a $400K house, which in and of itself, is way higher than the rest of the houses on this street are currently selling for.

Work done on the inside includes:

1) The kitchen has been remodeled.  It doesn't look too bad, all in all, but still.  The contractor was too lazy to put in two tight bends for the exhaust fan, so now there is just a recirculating fan over the stove.  The poor guy just can't seem to find contractors who will do what he wants, so they have ALL taken advantage of him.  The only appliance he updated was the garbage disposal.

2) The living room and dining room have a new 3/4" thick hardwood floor - this project was done because of the large number of dark stains in the old floor from having a dog - there were probably alternatives to replacing the entire floor, but the end result looks good.  It's one of the few things he has done that turned out well, and will probably help the resale value.  Floors in the other two rooms on the first floor were sanded down and retained.

3) The rug has been removed from the first floor to second floor stairway, and ugly trim strips have been added in an attempt to cover the stains left from the rug nails.  This only covered about 50% of the nail holes, and looks horrible.

4) The main electric panel was replaced.  It had to be, because the old panel was one made by Federal, and was a hazard.  It cost him around $2500.


For the rest of the story, we'll just have to go picture by picture below.....  I have called him "Harry", as in Harry Homeowner, to protect the innocent.


Websites and other additional information sources of interest for the area:
None for now.....

Getting Here

Baltimore Beltway, I-695, the "top side" of it near where I-83 takes off going north to York PA.  Take the Charles Street exit, exit #25.  Head south into Baltimore.  At the first traffic that is NOT part of the Beltway interchange, take a right onto Bellona Avenue, Kenilworth goes to your left.  Go down about 3/8 of a mile to Riderwood Road.  The house will be on your left in about a quarter of a mile.  Many people think that because 1220 is to the left of this house, that 1225 is a continuation of Riderwood, but it is not, it is on Robin Hood Circle, which comes off Ridervale at 1206, and then loops around, meeting Ridervale Road at the empty county lot.


The Nitty Gritty Of It

  In 2012
Since this picture was taken:
-- The bushes at the mailbox have been removed,
-- The bushes in front of the house have been removed,
-- The holly tree on the left has been taken down,
-- The chimney has been partially painted,
-- The shutters have been painted, but not straightened out,
-- And a new entranceway and roof has been built after the old one was torn down.

This picture shows the half done construction of a wall to keep mulch from spilling out onto the driveway.  First, it is cinder block, second, there is no cement to hold the thing together, and thirdly, it is not leveled.

Here we have a shot of the "side" yard, where mulch will be laid down, but there is no edging to delineate the mulch from the surrounding grass.  Very sloppy.

Here we have mulch applied over a base of tree chippings left behind by contractors on the county property next door.

Paint on the bricks because a drop cloth was not used by Harry Homeowner, left over from painting the entranceway.  Also, I know it's a detail thing, but is he going to clean the grass growing in between the bricks that are part of the pathway and re-parge the front of the step???

The ride side flower bed, with the very coarse tree chippings, before he puts on a layer of real mulch, but he has not installed any sort of trim to define the flower bed.  There is also a tree root still in the ground, which should be removed - it plays hell on your lawnmower!  Also, is the window well cover going to be leveled???

One of my many pet peeves is the chimney.  He had a contractor paint the chimney, but only the parts of it he could reach from the ground with an extension pole.  So, as a result, the back of the chimney is not painted and looks really scuzzy, the side of the chimney facing the dormer is not painted, because he couldn't reach it, and the very top of the side he could paint from the driveway, is not done, because why?  He couldn't reach it.  The contractor who did this painted it in September of 2019, and when "Harry" found out that the contractor didn't want to go up on the roof to paint it properly (which right there should have been a red flag! :-), he should have then, gone and found someone who was willing to get up on the roof and do the paint job professionally and properly!

Now let's go into the backyard, where there is a hill that drops off from the rear edge of the yard, to go down to a stream a couple of hundred feet below.  A large section of the upper part of the hill WAS covered by pachysandra.  People pay good money to have this stuff put in, because it is an excellent shade type NO maintenance ground cover.  Here he has cut most of it down, so he can seed it with grass, forgetting that the pachysandra will grow back since the roots are still in the ground.  So which will grow quicker, the grass or the ground cover?  We'll see.  He said the grass will look better, but who the hell wants to mow a steep hillside???  Not me, and nor do most people.  A neighbor across the street does... now... but I betcha in a few years when he gets to be 60, he won't be doing that either!

He also went to the trouble to dig out the steps which were put in some 40 or so years ago, and I hope he fills in the hollow so you can walk on them without twisting your ankle.  The Pachysandra was all around the steps, and looked really nice!

At the bottom of the steps was a flat area, which "Harry" said has been washed away over the years.  He would like to bring it back, and asked if I would use my Kubota backhoe to help, but I told him to make the rest of the house look perfect before attempting to do this kind of thing.

Here we have one of the trees in the back yard, that "Harry" trimmed himself, very unprofessionally done, because he has left two feet of the branches hanging off the side of the tree.

Last, but not least, another one of my pet peeves.  "Harry" did good, and had the entranceway rebuilt, with a sloped roof, instead of a roof like the original, which was flat.  However, the contractors made no pains to match the angle of the dormers above, so it looks like shit.  It would have been very easy to match the angles to make it look like like they were built at the same time.  Another mistake the builders did, was to use multi-colored roofing shingles, instead of a single color in an effort to try to match the new roof with the existing roof.  He should have replaced the entire roof, but he didn't.  The stains on the roof look awful.

In this slightly wider view of the front, we can see the shutters.  The shutters are original, and are wood.  Over the years, they have drooped.  His contractor, and the people at the Home Depot said they could not be reliably repaired so that they would close.  So he has chosen to do nothing but paint them.  It would almost look better to have taken them off.  I told him I could fix one of them in 10 minutes, without even taking them down, but he doesn't believe me, because he believes everything everyone else has to say.  Don't worry, I haven't offered any more free advice.... I've only been working on shit and fixing things for 50 years.


None for now......


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Please Note:  Since the main focus of my two websites is railroad signals, the railfan guides are oriented towards the signal fan being able to locate them.  For those of you into the modeling aspect of our hobby, my indexa page has a list of almost everything railroad oriented I can think of to provide you with at least a few pictures to help you detail your pike.

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Aerial shots were taken from either Google or Bing Maps as noted.  Screen captures are made with Snagit, a Techsmith product... a great tool if you have never used it! 

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