the Electric City Trolley Museum
Scranton PA


The Electric City Trolley Museum is a great museum, and shines out above most other trolley museums.

In 2006, they extended their line by 2000 feet to Moosic, and built a new carbarn for restoration work.

The museum runs on track originally owned by the  Lackawanna and Wyoming Valley RR, now owned by Lackawanna County, and operated by the Delaware Lackawanna RR.  The rides include a trip through the Crown Ave tunnel!  At 4747 feet long, it was one of the longest interurban tunnels in the United States.

At one time, Steamtown, in all of infinite wisdom, would not let the ECTM "pass through" their property so the museum could not offer rides to visitors.  We are all glad that Steamtown's management has seen the light and reversed that stupid decision, for it is one of the best rides out there!

More info on their website at: http://www.ectma.org/

General Pictures



Signals and Tech Stuff





All above pictures taken 9JAN2009

A picture from their website.

You catch the trolleys here for the ride down to PNC Field, the end of the line.

The north tunnel portal.

The southern tunnel portal, view 1, with trolley.

The southern tunnel portal, view 2.

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