At the northern end of the New Jersey Transit's River Line light rail line sits these color light signals.
If you're ever in the area, it's a great and fun ride for two and half bucks for 30+ miles.


Bienvenue.  Pour tous ceux qui sont en train de visiter mon site.  Je suis désole, mais je ne maîtrise pas la langue Française pour pouvoir traduire mes pages en Français.  Mais il existe un excellent site sur la signalisation canadienne et américaine par Martin Lévesque à: http://regle105.quebectrain.com/

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One of the best signal blogs going is here

My mailbox post, and yes, it's lit at night.

A beautiful shot of the Shuttle fly-by in Washington DC on Tuesday April 18th, 2012...
Thanks to Sunil Gupta for the photo, below is a link to his website for more great pictures like this!
Sunil uses a Nikon D200 with an 80-400 lens.

- - - - - - - - - -"Local" Upcoming Events - - - - - - - - - -

Steam has returned to the Northern Central
New Freedom to Hanover Junction PA
Now running on Saturday & Sundays, now that fall has arrived

Many more events at: http://www.railserve.com/events/railfan_excursions.html

Taken on National Train Day 2012 on the way back from Staten Island after taking pictures of the SIRT, oooops, SIR

I don't usually post links to videos, but here's a couple you gotta see...
How close can you put a vegetable market to a railroad track????? http://www.wimp.com/vegetablemarket/
When was the last time you saw 37 prime movers in a train? 
http://www.youtube. com/watch? v=7MonfXuKuDU
The largest model railroad in the world is in Germany, take a look here

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How much does railroad and railroadiana stuff go for???  CLICK HERE to find out :-)

The Mother Lode of Maps: http://cnebusiness.geomapguide.ca/

Do you know what "Live Steam" and "Live Diesel" is?
If not, click

New Railfan guides for:
 New Castle PA, Marion OH, Gastonia NC, Kalamazoo MI
Milford VA, Charlottesville VA, Batavia NY, Staunton VA, Henderson NC
Henderson NC , Manly IA (I know, what's in Manly?  :-)
Suffolk VA , Aberdeen MD, Ashland VA , Wilmington DE, Newark DE,
North Baltimore OH

Updated these pages:
Raleigh NC, Richmond VA, Harpers Ferry WV,
Buffalo NY,
Berea OH,
Houston TX, Hampstead MD, South Bend IN,
Altoona PA,

Guide to the Railroader's Museum in Altoona PA now up

Nice video of Pennsy PL signals transplanted by the PC onto former NYC tracks in Indiana:

The NS Heritage Units look great!  Check them out...

Amtrak's 40th Birthday Train
The one year tour is over, if you didn't see it, you missed it

Updated the towers page

 the Charlotte NC Light Rail and Station Guide is now on a new page
Updated with pictures of a SHOP TOUR from June 2010

Guides and/or maps for the following heavy and light rail systems now available:
Ottawa's O-Train, St Louis, Dallas, Boston, Salt Lake City,
St Louis, Toronto, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, San Diego, San Jose,
and a station by station guide to the Denver Light Rail... phew!
AND, America's newest light rail system, the Tide in Norfolk VA opened August 2011

Guide to the the National Capitol Trolley Museum


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If you're into Planes, please check out these two great websites:
Sunil's website: http://www.lockonaviation.net/
He's seriously into this stuff like I'm into trains!

Ken's website for classic planes: http://www.planesofthepast.com/

Best Rock N Roll Band, Ever


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Especially noteworthy, they are now trying to sell you a generator that "makes free electricity",
But it takes a 50HP motor (37.3 KW) to produce 30 KW!

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